The number of patients with diabetes in all economically developed countries is growing steadily. Currently, there are about 50-60 million of them in the world. Given that approximately the same…

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Cough is a protective reaction of the body to irritation of the human respiratory tract. During a cough, the body tries to get rid of mucus, or foreign particles trapped…

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First aid for hypothermia
The effect of cold on the entire surface of the body, when its temperature drops below 35 °, causes general cooling of the body. The prolonged action of low temperatures…

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The causes of psoriasis, although widely studied in different countries, are still reliably unknown. There is evidence of a hereditary predisposition to this disease, that it is based on a violation of the immune status – a weakening of the body’s defenses. It is suggested that the disease causes the virus, but it has not yet been isolated. A significant role in the development of psoriasis is given to disorders of the central nervous and endocrine systems.

Insufficient knowledge of the exact cause of the disease, as well as the factors causing its exacerbation, and explains the difficulties that have to be encountered in the treatment of psoriasis.

Scientists and clinicians have come to the conclusion that not in all cases when a diagnosis of psoriasis is made, active treatment should be immediately carried out. Continue reading

Is beer harmful?

Indeed, is there a danger of a few glasses of beer for an adult man? Can women and teens drink beer?

Is beer harmful? To begin with, beer, like vodka, cognac, port, dry wine, is an alcoholic drink, because it also contains ethyl alcohol.

Now everyone knows that drinking alcohol leads to inflammation of the gastric mucosa. cirrhosis of the liver, damage to the pancreas, severe diseases of the heart and blood vessels. But many underestimate the most insidious property of alcohol – to form a pathological dependence, a painful attraction to alcohol, that is, alcoholism. The transition from the habit of “drinking a little” to alcoholism occurs, as a rule, imperceptibly.

Those who think that only strong alcoholic drinks are dangerous to health are deeply mistaken. Determined that. after drinking two glasses of beer, a person gives his body the same alcohol load as if he had drunk 100 grams of vodka. Continue reading


For some time from the moment of detection of pulmonary tuberculosis and until hospitalization, the patient lives at home. Yes, and after treatment in a hospital, although to a lesser extent, it can be dangerous to others if it does not stop the secretion of bacteria.

All this time, the patient himself and his family members are required to comply with the sanitary-hygienic and anti-epidemic regime that prevents the spread of infection. It is necessary to remember and carefully follow the recommendations of the medical staff of the TB dispensary, which provides disinfectants for the disinfection of household items seeded with Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

In this article, we continue the discussion of how the patient and his family should behave in order to block the spread of tuberculosis infection. Continue reading

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For some time from the moment of detection of pulmonary tuberculosis and until hospitalization, the patient lives at home. Yes, and after treatment in a hospital, although to a lesser…


Urethritis (an inflammatory disease of the urethra) is a common cause of many serious complications. In men, the infection from here can easily spread to the prostate gland, seminal vesicles,…


Trying on a twelve-year-old son a new shirt, you noticed that his back became round. We looked more closely and saw what we had not paid attention to before; the…


If you have trouble sleeping, do not rush to resort to sleeping pills and tranquilizers. First of all, try to establish the regime of the day, do not allow assault…