And so, what should be done to increase the body's resistance to everything that contributes to the development of asthenic negative emotions and neurosis - the highest degrees of stress,…

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Bronchospastic syndrome
Spasm of the bronchi is accompanied, as a rule, by shortness of breath, shortness of breath. A person is unable to clear his throat and release his lungs from sputum.…

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If you have trouble sleeping, do not rush to resort to sleeping pills and tranquilizers. First of all, try to establish the regime of the day, do not allow assault…

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Injuries can be of the following types: industrial, sports, birth, domestic, mental, head trauma, eye trauma, knee trauma, abdominal trauma, chest trauma, ankle injury, spinal injury, etc.

Below we will provide some very useful tips on how to avoid various injuries.

Warm spring days arrived, and there summer is not far off. The townspeople are drawn to nature: to the forest, to the garden plot, to the cottage. And unbiased statistics immediately records the consequences of this craving: according to world statistics, the frequency of household injuries on Saturdays and Sundays is one and a half times higher than on weekdays. And the proportion of injuries in garden plots in the summer months, as well as in September and even in October, reaches 6–7% of the total number of household injuries.

I want to dwell in more detail on the most typical traumatic situations and give some preventive advice.

At the beginning of the season, in the spring, carefully go around the border of the territory of your site, and if it is fenced, see if the fence is strong and stable. Do not forget about the risk of injury when it falls over! Also check to see if there are holes or holes in the fence through which dogs can enter the area. By the way, it was in the spring outside the city that there were a lot of dogs that had run wild during the winter and were abandoned in the autumn by those who had left summer residents. If they bite you, you will have to take a rabies vaccination course.

Walk along the hedge on its outside, as well as along the curb adjacent to the site of the road or trail. There you can find various rubbish, construction debris, wood trimmings, wood chips, rusty bolts, nuts and much more. All this is traumatic, and everything needs to be removed.

Just as carefully and leisurely conduct an “inspection inspection” of the territory of your site. Remove broken glass bottles, cans, rusty nails, other pieces of iron. If you do not do this at the beginning of the summer season, you risk getting injured both your loved ones and guests later, when everything is overgrown and covered with tall grass. Walking barefoot on the grass (it’s so useful!) Will be just dangerous. I would immediately like to warn: if an accident occurred and someone injured his fingers, foot, take the victim to the nearest medical facility as soon as possible. He needs to undergo emergency tetanus immunoprophylaxis with serum and toxoid.

Make simple fences on the territory of the site around various drainage structures and wells, pits and grooves – there will be no falls. From the point of view of injury risk, carefully evaluate other places that may also need to be fenced, for example, cut bushes of currant or gooseberry. There are cases when a person fell, tripping over a cut berry bush, and received a serious injury.

Most of them are associated with carelessness, imprudence, carelessness, haste, neglect of danger. During construction work, for example, unreliably fixed structures, beams, ceilings, heavy chipboards fall on a person … Misfortune can also occur during harvesting from fruit trees when stairs and ladders of the required height are not used.

If you need to get to the roof of the garden house or the attic, climb only the motionlessly fixed staircase, and not the extension, which can unexpectedly go to the side and fall.

The floor in the country house should be laid evenly, bent, broken or rotten boards try to replace. Otherwise, injuries cannot be avoided. First of all, this danger threatens older people who have poor vision, especially if there is poor lighting indoors.

Injuries often also happen because people usually try to bring to the country house, garden plot, or garden house things that cannot be or are inconvenient to use in an apartment in the city: old linoleum, chairs with loose legs, pots without handles and any other “scrap”. Often you hear: “Do not throw it away, take it to the country.” It seems that not everything needs to be saved, in some cases such a saving ends very sadly.

The cause of the accident is the inept handling of various tools and implements: an ax, a shovel, an electric drill, a circular saw. Moreover, the damage can be so severe that it sometimes ends in disability. Judging by the materials of emergency stations in Moscow, there are many examples. Injuries are not uncommon when we try to use various objects and tools not for their intended purpose: we hammer nails with an iron, make a fire with a primus stove, and open a tin with a penknife. What doesn’t happen with gardeners and with what kind of damage do they not get to medical institutions!

And the wrong, frivolous handling of fire? If gasoline, kerosene and other rapidly flammable substances are used to make bonfires, burn last year’s leaves and garbage, and kindle stoves, troubles cannot be avoided.

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